Mentoring A Generation

Training Every Boy Before High School

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  • Generations Depend on Me

  • 130 Chiefs in The Village and Growing

  • Teams of Mentors For Each Group of Boys

  • A Variety of Career Examples

  • Happy, Peaceful, Respected and Respectful

  • Teaching By Example

  • Etiquette And Table Manners

  • Meeting Silverbacks From Other Schools and Other Parts of Town

  • We Must Believe in Them Before They Will Believe In Themselves

 "It is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken men"
Frederick Douglass



As men from community who have benefited from the struggles of people whom we didn't know and who didn't know us, we have committed to invest ourselves in the future as they did when they created opportunity for us. By committing one to twenty hours each year we are making community better one group of boys at a time. We recognize that each little boy who reaches adulthood prepared for his role as a resource and example for his next generation becomes a powerful influence who will lead his generations towards productivity and responsibility.

promoting responsible manhood by academic achievement since 2007