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Theory of Change


Boys without a connection to the knowledge base and experiences of capable, responsible men whom they respect often fail to strive academically to become capable, responsible men and do not learn the difference between real "respect" based on what a man can do for people and resort, in ignorance, to striving for street "respect" which is based on what one can do to people, domination and violence.



1. Clients: immediately prepubescent, pubescent and immediately post-pubescent boys in public schools

2. Resource: capable, responsible male volunteers



A generation of boys will improve academic achievement and graduate high school with sufficient abilities and options to become capable responsible men who are able and willing to provide resources for and be examples for their sons to model themselves after and serve as manhood standards for their daughters.

Resulting in:

Decline in cyclical poverty

Reduction in violence/crime

Fewer teen pregnancies

Schools perform better

Area becomes more attractive to businesses



•Mentor recruitment by invitation of friends or public appeal, no hard sell one on one recruiting

•Mentor motivation/retention with meetings and events.

•Mentors are trained to use a 100% positive approach to engaging and teaching boys, leading them to self governance.

•Use schools to provide place and clients

•All the boys in the target grade are included in the cohort, creating supportive peer pressure

•Multiple mentors for each site to ensure consistency and that boys are never disappointed