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Introducing The Silverback Society


Mentors Commit 16 - 18 hours/year

Mentors belong to teams that serve at a specific school for 16-18 sessions per school year. The team approach means that if a man has one or two sessions that he cannot be present, there are other men on the team to insure the consistency mentoring success requires. Our team mentoring approach significantly reduces the stress of the mentoring responsibility. New Mentors are placed with experienced team members who provide leadership and guidance in our 100% positive approach to engaging and motivating children.

No after hours, holiday or weekend volunteering is involved

Click "Learn More About Joining A Mentoring Team" below, provide your contact info and you will be invited to an orientation meeting soon. 

Speakers Can Commit 5 - 12  hours/year

The Speaker role is ideal for men who want to make a difference but who travel often or have rotating schedules that prevent them from making a consistent weekly commitment. Speakers  rotate through the the different sites and share their personal stories providing boys with a variety of pathways and examples of success achieved by men who have often had to climb from difficult situations to do so. We have an easy to use automated system that Speakers use to schedule themselves for whatever Speaker slots are still available at any of our groups. The system even provides Speakers with reminder emails two days before and a text the day before each of the sessions he scheduled.

Click "Learn More About Enrolling As A Speaker" below, provide your contact info and you will be invited to our orientation Gathering in the Fall