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For Those With Eyes To See Them


 Asia Rainey

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For Those with Eyes to See Them
by Asia Rainey


We see them
Growing up much faster than the last generation
Waiting for them to see their own worth
When most of them have only learned
To see themselves as less than since birth
They are brown skinned and already profiled
As a problem child and a target
As soon as they start to walk
They already have it the hardest
With no yellow brick roads or silver spoons
And some call them doomed
Through statistics that only measure their distance
From the crib to the coffin
Or repeated trips to a cell block
And maybe on their blocks
All they’ve seen are their brothers serving hard time
More often than the last time their fathers received doctorates
Thinking they’re more likely to get rich with the lottery
Thinking that they’ll probably
Wind up on billboards of most wanted lists
When most of them wish
Someone could have just told them that they were smarter
That even with their dreadlocks and hard knock lingo
Hip hop tempo and browner skin
They could still be the greatest of men and the highest of women
In a world that sometimes says
They are only fit for minimum wage
Basketball goals and a Grammys stage
Because when they don’t believe that there’s anything in between
The only thing that has meaning
Is to get paid quick and look rich
The only situation that makes sense is the Right Now
And whatever makes it feel better than being "less than"
Ever since they were young
They just wanted to know how to stand…

But there are some
Who see our young
And they know where they come from
They see them as more than numbers
Subtracted and divided
That if they were only exposed to a percentage of the pie
They would know they could make their abundance multiply
There are some that know that their missing y
Equals seeing themselves as a factor
They see them as exactly who they are
PHds and superstars
They understand them
Because even if they say "huh bruh" and "ya heard me"
It doesn’t matter what the words be
They hear them asking for something more -
To be believed in
To see a world that they would
Be received in
Without leaving who they are behind
There are those that see the greatest minds
Inside of a hip hop song
And the brilliance of a gritty metaphor
There are those that see these brown skinned babies
That have been taught to see themselves as less than
But they see them as so much more
And they fight for them
They have faith in their footsteps
Give evidence of the possibilities
Tell the stories that history forgets to mention
And sometimes they just give them a little attention
They give them wisdom
And an example
A chance to see the spectrum
Of everything they can become
And the beauty of who they are
They are the sun
Letting their light be reflected
In our stars
They don’t just see them as problems to be solved
They see them as the solutions
They see them as the future
They see them
When the world has told them they are no more than empty shells
They show them the power to see themselves.

©2013 Asia Rainey

That sounds just like the Mentors of the Silverback Society!