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Media & Press

Representatives of the media may contact Lloyd Dennis 504-975-1642 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 October 2017
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation honors the work of the Silverback Society by presenting Executive Director Lloyd Dennis with a 2017 Angel Award and a 20,000 Grant to the Silverback Society

 May 11 2015 Article in the New Orleans Advocate,
writer Kim Singletary and photographer Matthew Hinton!

Click here or on the photo to read the full article

Correction: The article incorrectly identifies a student as being from McDonogh 35 who was actually a student from McDonogh 32

WWL's Bill Capo 4-25-2016 Story about The Silverback Society

April 2015 Sy Charles Avenue Magazine

The Silverback Society - Leading by example


Over the past 18 months I’ve written articles about nonprofits of all sorts and have been continually amazed by the depth and breadth of nonprofit work in the New Orleans area. I have written about everything from residential facilities for young children who have been abused in their own homes, to cultural outreach programs, to organic farms.

Although their missions, resources and constituencies may vary, there are recurring themes and motifs that bind them all, with the concept of mentoring topping the list. Opening a young person’s world by connecting him or her with positive role models within the community has the power to be profoundly trans-formative. Nowhere is this idea more notable than in the work of the Silverback Society. 
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Cover Story in The New Orleans Tribune

We were featured as the cover story in the 2013 Sept/Oct New Orleans Tribune(Click Photo to read article)



An in depth radio interview on WWL with Angela Hill on June 23, 2014

Three men from the Silverback Society with Angela Hill on WWL Radio in New Orleans. Originally a one hour radio interview, it plays in is 31 minutes without the commercials. 


WDSU's Norman Robinson's Report on The Silverback Society 5-16-2014



WDSU's Hot Seat with Norman Robinson June 6, 2013 Silverback Society Making a Difference in Young Men.



"Voices of Men" from Channel 99 NOLA for Life - September 2013 


Breaking The Cycle of Poverty - 12 min.

The Silverback Society's approach to breaking the cycle of poverty. Why and how the Silverback Society's group mentoring process addresses cyclical poverty in urban America.


Video - Meet The Silverback Society

In this video school administrators and our mentors share their impressions about our work and its impact on our young men.



Video - Founder Lloyd Dennis interviews former New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley about Real Crime Solutions and the Silverback Society

A conversation anyone concerned about our children or crime ought to view.

 Video - Kendall Simon - "From Fs and Ds to As and Bs"

Kendall Simon has become our "poster" child, a young man who changed his mind in eighth grade who became a scholarship recipient from the "Beat The Odds" program of the Children's Defense Fund in New Orleans.

 Video - Murray Hynderson Silverback Society Airport Visit 2009.

Then Aviation Director Sean Hunter personally hosted a visit by our boys, where they wowed all who met them or witnessed their behavior.

 Photos- Murray Henderson's 2010 Silverbacks were hosted "in the suite" at a Hornets Basketball Game  by local businessmen

Rodney Williams of Three Fold Consultants, Dwight Walker of New Orleans Demolition and Jimmie and Glen Woods of Metro Disposal shared their Hornets game suite with the Silverback Society from Murray Henderson school.